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Unit 6. Lesson 4.1


1 2 3 4       5
14 15                            
18             19              

4._____ means to restore to good condition after damage.
8.Empathy motivates to control our _____.
10.Making amends is _____ than apology.
11.Making amends allows us to heal the _____ we carry and break the chains of our past.
12.Incarceration _____ will not turn your life around.
13.Making amends is a _____ you make to heal the wounds that your actions caused to another person
15.We must learn the value and the process of _____.
16.You must take the action to close the chapters of your _____.
17.Your _____ led to you being incarcerated.
18.Making amends is more than an _____.
19.Every time a criminal act is committed _____ suffers.
1.The ability to have _____ for others is important.
2._____ into criminal behavior promotes and excuses such behaviors as lying, cheating, and even murder.
3.Each destructive act often leads to further destructive actions.
4.Empathy also inspires us to make _____.
5.Once a person crosses the line into criminal acts it is _____, but not impossible to change.
6.We must take _____ for our behavior and face the consequences.
7.Only after you made proper amends for hurtful actions will you be able to realize _____ in your life.
9.Just like chemical addiction creates moral wreckage, committing criminal acts destroys _____ and lives.
13.Making amends is one of our toughest _____.
14.Going through the process of making amends is the _____ to start the process of change from the past.

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