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Constitution and the Bill of Rights

Ms. Eastman

1 2 3
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4.This amendment protects against unfair searches and seizures
5.The number of articles in the Constitution
6.The idea that the national government shares power with the states
8.Concurrent powers are _________ by the national and state governments
9.The Third Amendment says "No soldier shall, in a time of peace be ______ in any house"
10.Another name for expressed powers
13.This principle of the Constitution can be found in the words "We the People..." (2 words)
14.The total number of amendments to the Constitution (2 words)
16.The Sixth Amendment protects this... (2 words)
18.This amendment protects states and the people from the national government
20.A freedom protected under the First Amendment
22.If you do not want to testify against yourself you can plead the...
23.The introduction to the Constitution
24.The dollar amount mentioned in the Seventh Amendment
25.This amendment gives accused persons the right to counsel
1.This First Amendment freedom allows the media to report on news without interference from the government
2.The Enlightenment thinker who supported separation of powers
3.The powers given to the states
7.This article establishes a Supreme Court (2 words)
11.The amendment that protects against cruel or unusual punishment
12.The group who supported adding the Bill of Rights to the Constitution (2 words)
15.Article II of the Constitution outlines this branch
17.The amendment that protects people's right to bare arms
19.The number of amendments in the Bill of Rights
21.Privacy would be protected under this amendment

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