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Latin I Review


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1.Romans could light a small flame by using what kind of oil?
4.stains from clothes were removed by this profession
5.porto, portas, _________
9.at a Roman ________, men enjoyed having their armpit hairs 'plucked'
11.to the north of Italia was Gallia, which is now what modern day country?
13.what engineering marvel carried water into Rome from many miles away?
14.the Accusative Case is the direct __________ of the sentence
18.name given to Roman apartments
21.these letters at the end of a word mean 'killer of'
22.The Romans called this their 'patria' (Latin word)
23.pugno, pugnare means to __________
25.usually a patrician owned this kind of dwelling
26.the subject of a sentence is this Case
27.In the sentence, 'Puella nautam spectat,' which word is in the accusative case?
29.the first rulers of Rome were Seven _________
30.an impluvium collected this (Latin word)
31.name of the River Rome is located on
32.Roman Civilization lasted for how many centuries?
2.a diphthong is a combination of 2 _________ which produce only 1 sound
3.abbreviation for SenatusPopulusQueRomanus
4.Roman high rise tenants feared this the most (Latin word)
6.Latin for 'He is'
7.'Mea _______' is the Latin expression for 'my fault'
8.Rome's eighth month
9.the ceiling of an atrium was charred in what color?
10.all power in the early Roman Republic was in the hands of which social class?
12.accusative singular of 'regina'
15.the number of syllables in 'amicitia'
16.center of the Roman villa, also a chamber in the heart
17.sumus, estis, ________
19.accusative plural of 'vita'
20.many Romans had a 'hortus'
24.Latin words of only 2 syllables always accent which one?
25.goddess of the hearth, home
28.nominative plural of 'terra'

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