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Government Topic Revision Crossword

Mrs Shackleton

1                                         2  
5 6 7                 8
9           10               11
12                         13              
  14     15         16
      17     18 19            
  24 25                           26                
  32   33       34                  

1.a king or queen is the head of state but they have demoratic governments like in New Zealand
4.court system in new zealand for criminal matters
7.a country which controls most of its own affairs
9.the law provides this, begins with c
12.made up of the Govenor General and Cabinet
19.the number of votes that each person gets under mmp
20.they represent in parliament the views and needs of the local people from the area where they were elected
23.made up of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers
25.this law signed in 1947 made NZ independant from Great Britain
27.the important members of the political party or parties with the most people in parliament
30.deal with issues important to local people such as roads, parks and refuge collection
32.money collected from homeowners, goes to the council to pay for local services
34.The Govenor General and all the people elected to represent us
2.all members of parliament
3.court system in new zealand for individual matters
5.the reigning British monarch representative
6.when this lands in a particular place it becomes the land of the Maori Tribe in the contraption
8.the people elected to Parliament
10.a Maori tribe from New Zealand starting with an M
11.the military hold the political power and the head of the military is the leader
13.govern over the issues that are important to all new zealanders such as healthcare, schools and police
14.the law provides this, begins with p
15.a king or queen govern the whole country in this system
16.can be used by people to resolve a compaint between two parties in an informal, quick and and efficient manner
17.a women who campaigned to get the right to vote
18.this document was signed in 1840 and has caused a lot of conflict ever since
21.policy governing the internal affairs of a country
22.tribal structure in New Zealand
24.Hitler ran this type of government
26.a Maori tribe from New Zealand starting with a T
28.power is help by representatives of the people who get power though being voted in
29.the law provides this, begins with f
31.mixed member proportional representation
33.money collected from the income of individuals, goes to the government

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