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Unit 3. Lesson 2.1


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3.It is a _____ and social responsibility to support your family
6._____ and drug abuse have similar problems to prostitution where individuals exploit others for financial gain.
10.With freedom comes _______
11.The laws in our society serve toprotect their _____ from all citizens who choose to violate the rights of others.
15._____ is considered to be a "victimless" crime.
16.The basic rights of Americans is defined in the _____.
18._____ enjoy a number of rights and privileges that are unique to most countries in the world.
20.Civil and social responsibility means _____ laws, paying taxes, working. and volunteering in your community.
22.A _____ society does not mean that citizens are free to do what ever they want.
23.When an individual decides to _____ the rights of another person, thye choose to forfeit their rights.
24.Every _____ should serve to support serve and support the rights and privileges of others.
25.the _____ of prostitution involves countless accounts of coercion and violence within the trade.
1.America is ruled _____ and for the people.
2.There is no such thing as pure freedom in any _____.
4.There is no such thing as a _____ crime.
5.The only cost for your ______ is you must respect the rights of others
7.When a person breaks the law, the will of the people becomes a _____.
8.The primary purpose of _____ is to represent the voice of the people.
9.The _____, sexual exploitation, and abuse of women and children is common in the prostitution.
12.The majority gest to determine what laws are _____ for their society.
13.With the privilege of freedom comes with _____.
14.A free society is one where citizens freely choose to _____ certain behaviors in exchange for the benefit of living in that society.
17.Compared to being incarcerated, most would agree that _____ is a beautiful thing.
19.Some behaviors are determined by the _____ of citizens to damage the social fabric or social customs of society, even if it does not harm anyone who does not consent.
21.the _____ of society are esteblished to maintain social order.

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