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Sociololy Terms

TJ & Hannah

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1."Survial of the Fittest". (2 words)
4.Process of spreading culture traits from one society to another.
9.Organization of written or spoken symbols into a standardized system.
12.The examination of the organization and the operation of government. (2 words)
13.Process of which a norm becomes part of an individuals personality.
20.The comparative study of past and present culutres.
21.The social science that deals with the behaivor and thinking of organmisms.
22.A function that does not have the intention and recognition of consequences.
24.Beliefs about what is good or bad, right or wrong, diserable and undiserable.
25.Rewards or punishments used to enforce conformity to norms.
26.The study of past events.
2.Values, norms, beliefs, happiness, love, trust. (2 words)
3.Images, words, gestures, or physical objects that have a meaning attached them.
5.Commitment to the full development of ones personality, talents, and potential. (2 words)
6.Not judging another culture by your culture's standards.
7.Automobile, house, clothes, games. (2 words)
8.The combination of rules and objects.
10.The replacing of major values, norms, and practices with a new set of cultural patterns,
11.Adaption of borrowed cultural traits.
15.The founder of the sociology. (2 words)
16.The study of the choices poeple make in effort tho satisfy their needs and wants.
17.A function that has the intention and recognition of consequences.
18.The social science that studies human sociey and social behaviors.
19.Viewed society as two groups, the workers and capitalist. (2 words)
23.Rules of conduct that tell you how to act in a specific situation.

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