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Chapter 2

Ian Wilcox

Chapter 2 for Civics

1 2
4 5               6 7 8  
  9   10                  
            15 16
  20 21    
22                 23      
24                       25                

3.What group supported the constitution?
5.What is the first paragraph of the Declaration of independence?
10.What document was signed by a King in 1215?
14.What government was used before the constitution, each state had one vote?
17.Who was the "father of the constitution"?
18.What was the chair called at the convention?
19.What were the first ten adments called?
20.How many people atended the convention?
22.What king signee the Magna Carta?
23.How many votes out of 13 did the states need to pass a law using the A.of.C
24.What state was the ninth to ratify the constitution?
25.What size states were favored by house of reps?
1.Who came up with the Virginia plan?
2.What document was approved in july, 2 1776?
4.What size states were favored by Senate?
6.What document did the pilgrims sign in 1620?
7.What group did not support the constitution
8.What did the brittish do to make states angry >:(?
9.What comprimise was agreed (comprimise is part of the answer)?
11.What did the a of c have more of Weaknesses or Strengths?
12.Who invented the NewJersey Plan?
13.What was the first colony to succeed surviving?
15.What rebellion showed the A.Of C. was weak?
16.What type of central government were the anti feds scared of?
21.How many people signed the constitution?

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