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Latin III Review


1 2
4       5     6
8                     9
  11           12 13            
15             16         17  
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26 27        

4.started the persecutions
7.this literary Age began with the death of Augustus
8.His 'De Rerum Natura' outlined Epicurean philosophy
11.Stoics believed in its 'transmigration' (use the Latin word)
13.Catullus wrote 116 poems, also called ___________ in Latin
14.how Peter met his death
15.Christians drew an 'icthus' in the sand to communicate their faith to one another
16.Vesuvius was this type of eruption
19.Catullus said, "_______ et amo"
20.nickname given to Nero by the people for burning Rome
21.Latin word for Agrippina's relation to Nero
22."Quo ______, Domine?"
23.the name of the guards assigned to protect Emperors
24.Pliny's 37 chapters qualifies him as the first true __________________ist
27.Epicureans felt all matter was comprised of these
28.the Ciceronian and Augustan Eras made up this Age
1.Britannicus was this relation to the Emperor Claudius (use the Latin word)
2.We advise __________ (nothing). (Latin word)
3.Pliny the Elder died from asphyxiation from its eruption
5.Wrote the 'Satyricon' about the extravagant banquet of Trimalcho
6.leading Stoic
9.Cicero: "_______ fortunae non timent"
10.'Nero __________while Rome burns'
12.Seneca and Petronius' fate
13.Emperor who ended the persecutions
14.were made scapegoats for setting Rome afire
17.Nero: "What an __________ dies in me"
18.Seneca: "Do not allow _______ to control your emotions"
25.opposite of extinct
26.Ursus fights a 'taurus' in the arena

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