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Unit 3. Lesson 3.1


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1.Money is the most obvious sign of status in _____.
4.Money does not gurantee a loving _____.
8.Most _____ struggle with the challenge of living within their means.
9.One of the greatest temptations you will struggle with will center on your _____.
12._____ money for negative outcomes is like blaming a score board for the outcome of a ball game.
13.Money is not a reliable measure of one's _____.
15._____ needs money to live.
16.When a person's self image is based on how much money they appear to have, , it sets them up to be _____ by money.
18.The _____ for money is only negative when you do bad things to obtain what you desire.
19.The best way to manage money is to develop a _____.
23.Some people say _____ is the root to all evil
24.Having money is associated with status, importance, power, and control.
2.Living responsibly means voting, paying taxes, and _____
3.You must not _____ more than you earn.
5.Money is not a reliable measure of one's _____.
6.Getting out of debt can lead to _____.
7.There are many who lost _____ due to their pursuit of money.
10.Money is not a gurantee of a _____ life
11.A critical step in living responsibly is learning how to live within your _____.
14._____ how to manage your money will help avoid letting money control your life.
17.We live in a society where _____ seems the norm.
20.The problem of debt can rob a person of their _____.
21.Avoid the _____ that a desire for money, at any cost, can create for your life.
22.____ often go far beyond needs and that can lead to trouble.

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