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So You Think You Know St. Joseph

A crossword puzzle reflecting people, places and things of St. Joseph

1 2     3              
  5           6                 7
  8     9                        
        11 12                      
    13       14    
    15                 16     17          
              19               20
  21     22                            
26     27                   28                  

2.Plantation house burnt in 1948 (2 words)
5.Sweet deliveries arrive and depart from here (2 words)
9.No wild animals here; only beauty (2 words)
10.Female ambassador (2 words)
12.Old time Communication station (2 words)
15.A game like hopscotch played with a ball
16.Birth month of oldest female in parish
19.This church recently celebrated one hundred years (2 words)
21.First owner of Atlantis hotel (2 words)
24.Inn on the water's edge
27.Secondary School road tennis champions (3 words)
31.Six small, smooth rocks needed to play this game (2 words)
32.My heart feels better knowing he's near (2 words)
33.Things of that past that guide the future
34.You get fish galore (2 words)
1.Some old stockings or elastic and the game is on (2 words)
3.A local version of cricket (4 words)
4.Where the male ambassador lives
6.The district with the darkest hole (3 words)
7.Capital of St. Joseph
8.Cows get squeeky clean here (2 words)
11.Flora and fauna in abundance (2 words)
13.Village without its horse and rider (2 words)
14.105 not out (2 words)
17.Reading is fun at this location (3 words)
18.Represented St. Joseph until 1858 (2 words)
20.Sweetest slope of all (2 words)
22.Longest serving parish priest (2 words)
23.No more troubled waters under this bridge (3 words)
25.A local food cooked on an open flame (2 words)
26.You can stay awake here all night (2 words)
28.A breezy incline (2 words)
29.Highest point in parish
30.A joy for surfers (2 words)

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