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Ancient China

luke chamberlain

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1.a set of ideas made by Qin Shihuangdi
4.a dynasty that took place before c. 1523 BC
5.the weathy landowners and nobles
7.first empor of China
8.a blance between yin and yang
10.a follower of Confuciu's teachings
15.a Chinese martial art that has survived hundreds of years
16.a ruler who has control over authority and others
18.someone who studies beliefs to gain wisdom
19.a religion that was founded by an indian prince
20.a period of time where one family controls the gorvernment
2.a dynasty that took place from c. 1523 BC to c. 1027 BC
3.merchants trader and money lenders
6.wisdom or inerpeace
9.a religion based on living simple and meditation
11.pesant farmers and family vauled in name
12.highly skilled pen work of chinese carecters
13.a person's right to rule because the gods comanded it
14.a system by providing land in exchange for work and loyalty
17.a dynasty that took place from c.1029 BC to c.221 BC

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