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P1b New You See It, Now You Don't

Revision Crossword

Find the keyword from the definition to help you revise...

1               2
3 4  
5     6 7     8    
9                       10    
        11   12            
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  17 18  
20       21         22      

1.type of wave with a wavelength of 1cm
7.type of radiation at the highest frequency
9.the movement of a particle from its starting point and back
11.the maximum distance that a wave travels from its normal position
13.a signal that has two levels, 1 and 0
15.the ........................ spectrum is a group of waves that all travel the same speed through a vacuum
21.the number of wave oscillations in one second measured in Hertz (Hz)
23.a special type of reflection when a wave bounces back off the inside edge instead of refraction outwards
24.the mass of the unit volume of a material
26.type of radiation that give out heat
27.a signal sent out in the form of a wave
2.the central source of an earthquake
3.a thin length of perspex or glass through which light is passed
4.a wave that oscillates parallel to the direction the wave travels, e.g. sound waves and p waves
5.a wave that can cause skin damage when sunbathing
6.when a wave bounces back off a material
8.when the DNA inside a cell is altered by radiation
10.the length of one wave from crest to crest or trough to trough
12.an earthquakes longitudinal wave
14.the way of identifying some one using the patterns and colours of the eye
16.high frequency waves that are ionising and used to produce images of bone damage
17.some of the energy of a wave is ................ into a material in which it is travelling
18.when a wave passes through a material and changes direction
19.a wave that oscillates at right angles to the direction the wave travels, e.g. water waves and s waves
20.high frequency sound waves that we can not hear but useful for baby scanners
22.sending out a wave
25.an earthquakes transverse wave

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