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Rights and Responsibilities

Marcia Bedard

Review of vocabulary for Chapter 4

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1.knowingly making a false statement that hurts another person's reputation
4.also known as a formal request
10.is a way to express your political views, and help determine the actions of your government
12.right to express ideas in writing is freedom of the ___________
13.implies that the people of the US enjoy many other basic rights
14.Amendment states bail cannot be excessive
17.Third Amendment states the government cannot ______________ soldiers in civilian homes during peacetime.
18.this amendment gives you the right to bear arms
20.amendment has several provisions protecting the rights of a person accused of a crime
22.legal document from a judge that describes the place to be searched, and the person or things to be seized
24.government's power to take citizen's property for public use
25.being tried twice for the same crime
29.having to testify against oneself
32.one of the first duties of all Americans is to get an ______________.
34.are need to help pay for paved streets, police, and fire protection
35.states no state can take away a citizen's right to "life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.
36.the 26th Amendment changed the voting age to ______________
37.Amendment provides for a trial by jury
38.this freedom is your right to express opinions and ideas through _____________
2.the act of publishing false statements that damage a person's reputation
3.Congress forbids the government from establishing a national __________
5.one of the most important duties of citizenship is to _________ ________ _______.
6.Amendment that guarantees a prompt, speedy trial, and the right to the help of a lawyer
7.amendment that provides five basic freedoms--religion, assembly, press, petition, and speech
8.the 24th Amendment eliminated this
9.decides if there is enough evidence to go to trial
11.gave African American men the right to vote
15.being _____________ about current events helps you beeter understand important issues
16.8th Amendment also forbids _________ _____ __________ punishment
19.requires men a certain age to serve in the military
21.right to vote
23.the first 10 Amendments of the US Constitution
26.are used to help defend the US
27.outlawed slavery in the US
28.Amendment that protects from unreasonable search and seizure
30.provided women the right to vote
31.serves as a final guarantee of citizens' rights, and gives the states the power to act to guarantee these rights
33.formally accuse

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