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Global Financial Crisis

by: Lindsey & Angie


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  5 6  
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1.decides how monetary policy should be carried out by the Federal Reserve System (4 words)
4.the use of changes in government spending or taxation to alter national economic variables (2 words)
10.for every action on the part of the government, there is a reaction on the part of the affected public (3 words)
12.the use of changes in the amount of money in circulation to alter credit markets, employment, and the rate of inflation (2 words)
13.a transfer of income from some individuals in the economy to other individuals (2 words)
2.a report that must show the costs and benefits of major federal actions that could significantly affect the quality of the environment (3 words)
3.increased government spending during times of economic downturns (2 words)
5.the government’s spending more than it receives in taxes and paying for the difference by issuing U.S. Treasury bonds (3 words)
6.evidence of debt issued by the federal government; similar to corporate bonds (3 words)
7.the cost of the nation of undertaking any one policy in terms of all of the other policies that could have been undertaken (3 words)
8.the total amount of debt carried by the federal government (2 words)
9.public plans of action that concern issues of national importance, such as poverty, crime, and the environment (2 words)
11.a legal method by which individuals and businesses are allowed to reduce the tax liabilities owed to the government

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