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Talk like an artist by using clay vocabulary

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2.A special paint that turns shiny and smooth after firing
6.A wooden cylinder used to create slabs of clay
7.Watery clay mixture used as glue for clay
8.A flat piece of clay usually created with a rolling pin or other tube like tool
9.The process of heating up clay in a kiln to a very hot temperture
11.A sharp tool used for scoring and cutting clay
12.Lines drawn in clay to roughen the surface to help the pieces stick to better
14.Clay that has been air dried slightly. At this stage it can be trimmed or carved
1.A shape created from a round ball of clay using thumb and a pinching motion.
2.Clay is completely air dried and no longer cool to the touch
3.A “snake” of clay created by rolling between hands or on flat surface
4.Clay that has been fired once
5.The ‘oven’ for heating up clay and changing it from greenware to bisqueware
10.Clay that has been fired a second time wtih glaze was applied
13.Kneading clay to ensure that the air and water particles in the clay are evened out and to make the clay easier to work with

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