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Social Studies INT-10

*Sharifa S. Mudhir*

Social Studies homework for Mr.Barker......:-D

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1.Type of government: Ruled by one person who has complete control and is not inhereted
5.Things people MUST have in order to live
6.Things that are desired, but not need to be able to live
7.Expected to do... : Citizens in a democracy
14.Organazation with the power to make and enforce laws
15.Things, something you consume
16.Type of government: ruled by one person who inhereted the position from another family member
17.Type of economic system where; Government controls the economy (2 words)
18.Highest level of government
2.Type of economic system where; distribution of resources is based on ritual, habit or custom (2 words)
3.Not enough to satisfy the demands
4.Type of government: Power is held by the people, they decide and vote for who to represent them
8.Something someone does for you
9.Type of government: One political party who has complete control over economic and government systems ; No private property
10.Type of economic system where; distributio of resources and the prices of things are freely set on the laws of supply and demand (2 words)
11.Freedom to do... ; citizens in a Democracy
12.Lowest level of government
13.The study of how to use scarce resources, to satisfy unlimited wants and needs

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