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Government of Canada Crossword

Liam Hendrikse

3                               4
5   6  
      10           11      
12               13    
15             16                      
18   19                                
  26             27                            
29         30         31                          

2.The branch of government containing the House of Commons and the Senate. (two words)
3.The branch of government that includes he prime minister and the cabinet. (two words)
7.The person who carries the mace. (three words)
8.The type of government in Canada, where the people rule.
10.The level of government responsible for a province.
12.An MP chosen to act as a referee in the House of Commons, he/she says who can speak.
15.The elected leader of a city.
16.MP's on either side, who have no specific role in their party.
19.A government minister, assigned responsibility for a specific area of government. (two words)
21.The monarchs representative at a provincial level. (two words)
22.The Monarch or head of state in canada currently.
23.The elected leader of a province.
24.Approval from the monarch representative on a law. (two words)
25.A certain department a cabinet minister will be responsible for, such a fisheries or national defence.
26.Proposed laws that haven't been passed yet.
27.The branch of government that includes courts. (two words)
29.Similar to a mayor, but of small cities.
30.A highly ornamented staff used for ceremonial purposes in Parliament.
31.The elected leader of Canada. (two words)
32.The leader of the party who has the second most amount of seats. (four words)
1.Someone who wins an election in a riding at a provincial level. (four words)
4.The level of government responsible for the whole country.
5.The upper house in federal parliament.
6.The main building in Canadian government.
9.The cabinet of the opposition. (two words)
11.The supreme law of Canada that tells governments how to run the country.
13.The lower house in federal parliament. (three words)
14.A person who won the election in their riding, at a federal level. (three words)
17.The group of government ministers, chosen by the prime minister to help business in government.
18.The Monarchs representative at a federal level. (two words) Senators/Members of the senate.
20.The level of government responsible for a city.
25.Young boys and girls who run errands for people in parliament.
28.The right all Canadians have, which allows them to choose their leader.

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