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Chapter 3 Basic Tools and Service Information

Mr. Mattis

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2.Hand operated metal cutting saw.
4.Diagnostic flow chart that provides step-by-step procedures to test automotive systems.
9.A tool used to install and remove bolts, nuts, and capscrew.
10.Used for common gripping, crimping, and bending jobs.
11.Used to cut external threads.
12.Used with sockets.
14.An air or electrical driven wrench that tightens or loosens fasteners with a series of sharp, rapid blows.
17.Device used to remove broken fasteners from holes.
19.Used on drive handles to loosen and tighten fasteners.
20.Used to cut off rivet heads, bolts, and rusted nuts.
23.Tools such as mechanical fingers, extension magnets, and mirror devices that help the technician to retrieve parts in hard-to-reach places and to see into blind areas.
24.Used to cut internal threads.
25.A tool designed to remove and install screws.
1.Contain the information needed to repair one manufacturer’s vehicles.
3.Used to remove interference-fit (pressed-on) parts.
5.A press with a large suspended hydraulic cylinder and ram. Used for applying force to remove or install press fit parts.
6.A cylindrical cutting tool with a series of longitudinal fluted cutting edges (fixed or adjustable). Used to enlarge, bring to size, or finish a bore.
7.Electrical circuit diagram.
8.Used to sharpen tools and rework parts.
13.Designed to be used with hammers when driving small parts into or out of holes
15.Allows the user to extend the reach of the tool.
16.Nonportable machine used for accurate drilling.
18.Used to hold parts securely so other work, such as drilling, cutting, or filing, can be done.
21.A basic striking tool.
22.Used for removing burrs from metal, final fitting after hacksawing, and smoothing out surfaces.

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