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26       27           28

1.City-State most dominant on land and most feared
3.Blind poet, believed to be the author of The Iliad and The Odyssey
6.Name given to a soldier formation used by Hoplite soldiers
8.Athenian politician.introduced reforms that lead to democracy
9.Athenian Politician, Introduced a harsh code of Law
11.Athenian hoplites score suprise battle win, runner declares the victory
12.Council of 500
14."Rule of the best"
16.A ruler with absolute power
19.Inventors of "teh alphabet"
21."Rule of the few"
23."Common Peole" + 'Rule"
24.How Greeks used to refer to the whole Greek race
26.A system used to remove unpopular politicians
29.Athenian politician known as "The reformer"
30.Spartan Slaves
31.Powerful athenian officials in the Archaic Period
2.Athenian writer of comic plays.
4.Half man, half bull
5.Any foreigner who did not speak Greek
7.An open space, in the middle of a Greek city, used for markets and meetings
13.A wall painting made by painting wet plaster
15.Athletic contest in honor to Zeus
17.Greek Tragedy playwright. The first to use more than one actor
18.A free man who had the right to participate in the governemnt of his city-state
20.The son of Aegeus, the king of Athens
22.First Persian Emporor to invade Greece
25.Method of randomly selecting citizens for government duties
27.City-State most dominant on the seas and in trade
28.Name of the place where the Assemly met to debate council proposals

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