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Floral Design


1   2           3       4 5
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  44               45                    

1.These snap on top of vases and some novelty containers and hold flower stems in position.
6.a short blade made of quality steel that will hold an edge.
9.Type of styrofoam used to hold the stems of dried silk and plastic flowers and foliage.
11.This is more visual than actual.
12.Container that is used for both vertical and horizontal designs.
13.This is used to measure and fix up floral arrangements.
17.The quality from which the family name is derived.
18.These containers are limitless in possibilities.
19.These are similar to ordinary scissors in appearance.
22.This arrangement has flowers and foliage in almost exactly the same places on opposite sides of the line.
23.A lightweight, soft, and porous material that holds flower stems in a fixed position while enabling them to store water.
25.Usually constructed from fabric ribbon.
26.This wire has a 1-inch mesh and can be rolled loosely into a ball and inserted into a container.
27.An excellent base for dried and permanent arrangements and cannot be used with fresh flowers.
30.Small clusters of netted fabric that are used as background and lightweight filler for corsages and bouquets.
31.Type of container often used for table arrangements.
32.This color scheme utilizes one color and may incorporate assorted tints and shades in the flowers or foliage.
34.These are held in a container with florist clay. They are reusable.
35.Waterproof material used to hold pinpoint stem holders in place within a container.
37.Used to support weak flower stems and to hold curved lines in arrangements.
39.Color scheme that use colors that are opposites or near opposites on the color wheel.
40.This does not dissolve styrofoam and it's a strong adhesive.
42.Have short blades with serated edges, and are used for cutting both herbaceous and woody plant material.
43.Color scheme that uses three colors that are spaced equidistantly on the color wheel.
44.Short pieces of wire enclosed in paper. They fill a number of roles where support or repair is needed.
45.Similar in use to wooden picks and are dispensed from a machine.
46.the quality of visual strength or weakness that characterizes a color.
2.This color scheme uses one of the primary color with other colors derived from that primary.
3.Made of clear glass or opaque black. Marbles are used to support long stems in tall vase arrangements.
4.The hue darkened by the addition of black.
5.the ability of colors to appear closer or farter away.
7.This tape is similar to a waxed crepe paper.
8.This type of container is not pedestal but is used for vertical designs. Height is greater than its width.
10.The hue lightened by the addition of white.
14.the six major groupings of colors visible when white light is passed through a prism.
15.Have two cutting blades of quality steel. Used for cutting woody materials.
16.Color scheme that uses all of the hues together.
17.Glue is inserted into this and it heats it electrically. This also makes glue into a liquid state.
20.Heavy gauge wire needed to wire arrangements such as wreaths and door swags.
21.Its most common use is to hold stem support material, such as floral foam, in the container.
24.A widely serrated cutting edge makes it suitable for cutting and shaping blocks of styrofoam.
28.Like pipe cleaners with extra flocking. Used for decorative purposes.
29.This arrangement has an axis that may or may not bisect the container equally.
33.These are widely used with nonliving arrangements.
34.Type of container is elevated on a base that my be short or long stemmed.
36.the quality of certain colors that allows them to to be seen under dim light.
38.the hue grayed by the addition of both white and black.
41.a visual quality based on the amount of white, gray, or black in the color.

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