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Saks Fifth Ave. Off 5th Trivia

1                 2 3     4           5
6 7                      
8               9  
11 12                          
    14 15                        
17       18 19                            
      22               23   24 25  
              26 27              
29                                 30  
    33       34 35  

1.The brainchild of Saks. (2 words)
3.White fluffy signature Holiday decoration.
7.Saks launched her debut collection. (2 words)
8.What was the precursor to the modern disposable diaper
11.What womens cosmetic line launched in Saks? (2 words)
13.We will exceed 85% or higher on this. (2 words)
15.Number one Region in our Company ? (2 words)
17.Off 5th rewards/savings card.
19.$250.0 - $350.0 = what? (3 words)
20.NYC store was declared a what in the 1980's?
22.First delivery to President Calvin Coolidge. (3 words)
27.Steve Martin starred in this movie and it was filmed in our Beverly Hills Store. (2 words)
29.Jerry will rock this team early in the morning. (2 words)
31.Extrodinary Value Pricing or _______.
32.Selling Service Leader
35.Store Director
36.Bidan is to the US as ________ is to Off 5th. (2 words)
37.First sell out item at Saks Fifth Ave. (3 words)
38.You will receive 10% off when you open this. (3 words)
39.Sales Plan for Cypress 2011? (2 words)
40.We partner with this team to fight womens cancer. (4 words)
41.What movie starring Gregory Peck was filmed in Saks. (2 words)
42.First store opened outside New York City. (2 words)
2.The King and I, Lance Armstrong, and __________ it's the tri-fecta! (2 words)
4.Our strategy to provide a personalized shopping experience that converts customers into clients. (2 words)
5.We partner with them for our annual "Thanks & Giving" iniative. (5 words)
6.Your large & in charge in this area. (2 words)
9.What store is the 13th Off 5th store?
10.What US Olympic team was outfitted by Saks? (3 words)
12.We love to wear black and white. (2 words)
14.Where was the first Off 5th Saks Fifth Ave. store born? (2 words)
16.The first designer to ever appear on the cover of Time Magazine. (2 words)
18.What was styled and decorated by Saks in the White House ? (2 words)
21.Merchandise Team Manager
23.Asset Protection
24.Our goal is2.5% on every transaction. What is this called? (3 words)
25.Selling Service Manager
26.What's our dollar per square foot goal ? (3 words)
28.Kelley will rock this team while the store is open 24/7. (4 words)
30.This slogan was created for Saks. (4 words)
33.Loves to go to the Indianapolis 500. (2 words)
34.Obama is to the US, as ________ is to Off 5th. (2 words)

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