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The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Soloar System

Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen

See if you can remember facts from the book! Enjoy

1             2     3
7   8              
10                   11
13 14                          
15 16                          
    17   18                  
19         20      
    21         22

1.cannot just fly into outterspace
5.is the force that pulls objects toward the center of the Earth
6.usually have more gravity
7.this planet and Uranus are so far way from the sun
10.spins differently from the other planets
12.is made of materials that are lighter than water
13.usually have less gravitiy
16.falling chunks of rock and metal
17.the layers of air around the Earth
19.does not make any light of its own
20.is an average start like the ones we see in the night sky
21.this planet is alot like our moon
23.it is the first of the outer planets and the largest planet in the solar system
1.of the Earth makes night and day
2.are the four planets closest to the sun
3.when the Earth spins
4.when the heat is trapped by a planet's atmosphere, it is called
8.no longer named a planet
9.are huge explosions on the sun's surface
11.are areas that are cooler than the rest of the sun
12.the sun and all the bodies that orbit around it-the planets, their moons, the asteroids, comets, and other chunks of rock, ice and dust
14.no life has been foun on this planet
15.it never rains on this planet
16.at the center of the sun the temperature is about 15 ___ degrees Celsius
17.are chunks of rock and metal
18.our sun is more that a million kilometers across
22.the time is takes for a planet to go all around the sun

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