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5.condition where the eyeball sinks into its socket
6.domesticated animal that reverts back to its wild-like nature
10.smell and taste receptors located on the roof of the mouth of cats/reptiles
13.a hybrid cross between siamese and burmese; it is mischievous and a prankster
15.causes severe vomiting or diarrhea in dogs/cats; spreads through cantaminated feces
17.medium sized cat with a distinctive rectangular muzzle
18.cats need at least 30% of this in their daily diet
19.cross between a burma and a siamese
22.these cats are said to feel no pain or fear
23.abnormal yellowing of the skin
25.young cats of this popular breed may be subject to upper respiratory diseases
27.one of the oldest and most popular breeds
30.this breed is fastidious and prefers a clean, spotless environment; noted for its hair
31.length of cats gestation
1.young cat of either sex
2.its distinctive, short tail is kinked
3.the color of the nose, ears, feet, and tail
4.inflammation of the membrane lining the inner surface of the eyelids
7.color pattern where one color is streaked or intermingled with another
8.the eyes of this breed are large, round, and expressive
9.teeth on both jaws coming together correctly
11.this common breed is believed to be a direct descendant of the Sacred Cat of Egypt
12.organ within ear that allows animals to detect sounds
13.this breed will have gold eyes; very few exist in the U.S.
14.inflammation of the cornea
16.this breed has a tiny voice that squeaks and chirps
20."other-colored" burmese cat
21.The act of giving birth to kittens
24.long, silky coat of this breed does not mat and requires little care
26.a hairless cat that was first introduced by breeders in Canada in late 1960s
27.nose, ears, tail, and feet of an animal
28.male cat
29.distinctive characteristic of this cat is its complete lack of a tail

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