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Egypt facts

Cole Anderson

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2.The symbols used in the hieroglyphic language, a system of writing developed at around 3000 B.C.
4.The Great Pyramid is located in ____.
5._______ is a thick paper like material often used by the ancient egyptians as scrolls.
8.The heighest social class in Egypt was the ______.
11.The pharaoh who built the Great Pyramid was _____.
16.The White Temple was made of ______, a hard white stone.
18.The ancient egyptians built ______ as tombs for their pharaohs and queens.
19.The third highest class in Egypt were the ______, and they were in charge of religious ceremonies.
20.Pharaoh _______ had the White Temple built under his reign.
1.Pharaohs often called themselves ____ to emphasize their power.
2.Pharaoh _______ was the first female pharaoh.
3.The large stone coffin used in burying important egyptians.
6._____ was the god of emballming and the dead.
7.The middle social class in Egypt were the ______, important for their ability to write.
9.____ was the king of all egyptian gods.
10.When dead bodies were preserved by becoming dehydrated, they became ______.
12.The second lowest social class in Egypt were the _______.
13.The lowest social class in Egypt were the _____.
14.The third lowest social class in Egypt were the ________, and their abilities were very diverse.
15.Pharaoh _______ created the world's first peace treaty with the Hittite empire.
17._______ were believed to be the homes of gods and goddesses.

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