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Identify the volleyball terms

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1.the shape of the volleyball
3.when a defender successfully defends a spike
6.a spike resulting in a point
8.when one or more defenders defend a ball at the net
10.your step sequence used to hit/spike the ball
11.a way to pass using your wrists
13.the line or row that is at the net
15.the kind of volleyball played in sand
17.when a player dives to save a ball with the palm of the hand on the floor and the ball bouncing off the top of the hand
21.a hit at the net after the hitter has launched himself off the ground
23.the number of hits a team gets to return the ball to the other side of the net
25.passing the ball using your fingers
26.the line or row that is away from the net near the end line
2.when a player hits the ball with twice
4.the kind of volleyball played in a building
5.the manner in which the players move from position to position
7.when one or more defenders stuff a spiked ball at the net
9.when the ball lands beyond the line
12.bumping and setting are ways to...
14.the kind of volleyball played at the beach
16.when a player touches the apparatus that divides the court in half
18.a point scored off the serve
19.2008 Olympic Gold medal team
20.the play that starts each point
22.when the ball lands within the boundaries
24.a word used for an overhand strike causing the ball the accelerate toward the ground

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