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ancient egypt

Tyler A. Paige

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2.egyptian paper was made from the reeds of this plant
7.the second to highest social order
8.a mythical creature with the head of a man and thee body of a lion
9.in times of famine this plant was boilled and eaten by peasants
10.the adviser of the pharaoh in all things religous in the priest social order
12.the lowest social order
13.a large monument built to hold the dead pharoah after their death
15.only this gender was aloud to be scribes
18.this person's job was to look after the government's wealth. he is the cheif...
19.workers in this class included carpenters, jewlers, and other inportant artistic jobs.
21.the area often associated with mummies and pharoahs
22.at the end of this season peasants got as much leftover grain as possible to eat as food
23.the river east of egypt
24.the healers and givers of advice in the regular egyptian's world
25.part of the government officials social order also the kings adviser
1.the large stone coffin that held the king
3.the number of years it took a scribe to finish his school work
4.the higher up end in the middle class
5.the sea to the north of the egyptians
6.the egyptian form of writing
11.the sea to the east of the egyptians
12.the supreme ruler of ancient egypt
14.the peasents included this group of workers known for making food
16.had the fewest luxurys in life
17.the second to lowest social order
20.te lower middle social order

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