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The Legislative Branch

Marcia Bedard

Let's review vocabulary for the Chapter 5 test.

1 2
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  29     30              

3.requires that an accused person be brought to court
4.a limit on debate, can only take place with a three fifths vote
6.a permanent committe, such as the Ways and Means Committee
8.the right to mail official letters or packages free of charge
10.majority of the members
11.guides the party's proposed law through Congress
14.the presiding officer of the House
17.the member's name is called and he or she gives their vote
18.making a list of charges in the House
19.the people in the legislator's home district
25.smaller groups, where most of the work of Congress is done
26."talking a bill to death"
27.proposed laws
28.this person's job is to persuade members to vote for party sponsered legislation
29.a law is also known as an ________
30.simple name for the House of Representatives
1.presides over the Senate when the vice president is absent
2.also known as the "necessary and proper clause", allows Congress to stretch its delegated powers
5.an act that endagers or betrays one's country
7.___________ on impeachment charges is held in the Senate
9.private meetings in which Republicans or Democrats choose their leaders
12.a serious offense, means the member must give up his or her seat in Congress
13.this happens when state legislators draw district lines that favor a particular political party
15.laws that is applied to an act that occurred before the law went into effect
16.means distributed, we do this after the census
20.means limiting the number of times a person can serve in Congress
21.less serious offense, a formal disapproval of a member's actions
22.if the president doesn't sign within 10 days, this goes into effect
23.type of lawmaking body we have with two houses
24.legal protection for members of Congress when they travel to and from a meeting in Congress

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