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5.believed to have developed from the albino Dutch rabbit, has a short, rounded body with short limbs and fine bones
7.giving birth to a litter of rabbits
9.medium length rabbit.has a well filled meaty body. its a rust cinnamon color.
11.condition where the rabbits head is tilted to the side. caused by inflammation of the inner ear
14.the only place a rabbit sweats is through the ___ on its feet
15.loose skin under the chin of hanging from the throat
18.consuming of fecal material
20.several different breeds produced it. mainly golden and lynx. the does of this breed are bigger than the bucks
23.famous Easter bunny known for its chocolate creme-filled eggs
24.a water valve fitted on bottles to provide a water on demand to small animals
26.animal fur that quickly returns to its normal position after the animal is stroked
30.formal name for a newborn rabbit of either sex
31.originated in Turkey known for its hair. four different types of breeds: english, satin, french, and giant.
34.female rabbit
36.oldest breed of domestic rabbits. was very popular in England. very long ears of about 23 to 24 inches
39.inflammation of the conjunctiva. affected rabbits rub their eyes with front feet which produces discharge
40.inflammation of the membrane lining the inner surface of the eyelids
41.popular name for a newborn rabbit of either sex
42.ulceration of the foot pad caused by the animal's body weight pressing down of the rough wire of cages
43.when the doe gives birth her babies are collectively refered to as a ________
44.chapped or burning condition around the external genital area of the doe. caused by the doe sitting in a wet dirty area of long periods of time
45.inflammation of the mammary tissue. mammary system becomes swollen, hot, and inflammed
1.persistant sneezing with white nasal discharge and the fur on the feet will be matted due to constant pawing of the nose
2.chocolate colored rabbit. has intense luster and sheen
3.originated in Germany. two colored rabbit. cross between a german big lop and a little chinchilla rabbit
4.cross between a rex rabbit and a Netherland Dwarf. less than four and a half lbs. with dense, plush fur
6.oldest established breed, it originated from the himalayan mtn area, some think it is an albino from the Russian Silver rabbit
8.they consist of a red, black, and white variety. white is preferred the most. normally have a red eye. used as pets and for meat production
10.fur that gently returns to its normal position after the animal is stroked
12.caused by the rabbit dragging the dewlap into the water bowl this makes the fur become matted. which can lead to infection where the skin turns green and may produce odor
13.produced to make a better commercial meat rabbit. one of the most popular breeds. white with balck ears, nose, and tail
16.have a short and broad apple shaped head, wide eyes, broad muzzle, short rounded nose
17.condition where the upper and lower teeth of an animal grow to the extent to which it can not eat
19.undesirable activity caused by simple boredom, a low fiber diet, or nutrient dificiency
21.inflammation of the intestinal tract
22.has unique color markings. head and front part of this rabbit is white, including the front legs. weighs three and a half to five and a half lbs.
23.originated in France.its a creme color rabbit with bright orange under fur.
25.undercolor is a dark slate blue and the top is a very narrow balck band with a white narrow band above
27.when rabbits are happy, they will jump and twist, this is called a __________
28.domesticated rabbits are born without ______
29.developed in the 1980s. produce occasional wool rabbits which are less than 4 lbs.
32.period of 31 days of pregnancy for does
33.ulcerated area on the foot pads.larger rabbits are more commonly affected.
35.teeth of both jaws coming together correctly
37.a group of rabbits
38.male rabbit

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