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Art Vocabulary

Mr. Guzman

This is a collection of definitions from the Art 1 midterm.

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1.Means "before"
4.Flattened sheets of gold.
5.Artist most responsible for the Italian Renaissance style of painting.
11.When the Italian Renaissance spread to the rest of Europe.
13.A skill that can be learned.
14.A person or group that buys art.
15.A painting made with tempera paint and wet plaster.
16.The side of the brain that uses logic.
17.A famous patron of the arts during the Renaissance.
18.The idea that human beings are the best.
2.When you look at something when you draw it.
3.A painting in three parts.
6.A polymath.
7.Artist who perfected the use of oil paint.
8.Painted the "Creation of Adam"
9.German printmaker
10.Means "Re-birth"
12.The side of the brain that can see the whole picture.

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