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prenatal terminology 2

Brenda Tanner

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1.20-37 weeks gestation
3.never delivered after 20 weeks
8.subtrat 3 months from LMP then add 7 days
11.emptying of uterus after 20 weeks gestation
12.never been pregnant
13.after delivery
15.amniotic membranes ruptured by physician
16.onset of labor until 1 hour after delivery
19."my water broke"
22.another word for pregnancy
23.one delivery after 20 weeks
24.42+ weeks gestation
27.Pregnancy history
28.pregnancy ending before 20 weeks
30.in the top 10% for weight and size at birth
31.estimated date of confinement
2.two or more pregnancies
4.4 weeks
5.one pregnancy
6.38-42 weeks gestation
7.last menstrual period
9.estimated date of delivery
10.from conception to onset of labor
14.fetus born after 20 weeks that never shows signs of life
17.average for gestational age
18.another name for spontaneous abortion
20.two of more deliveries after 20 weeks
21.another word for antepartum
22.any pregnancy regardless of duration
25.in the bottom 10% for weight and size at birth
26.rupture of membranes
29.intrauterine pregnancy

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