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Illuminated Letters 9-12

ART-Mrs. Dean

1         2
  4 5       6   7      
8   9                        
        11   12
  14 15        

1.____________(5) were the people who often did the work of illuminations during the Medievil times.
5.Color scheme that contains purple, green, and blue
6.____________(6)skins were often used as a writing surface.
8.An illumination is an ____________________(13) that improved the appearance of the written text.
10.Color scheme that uses 3-4 colors next to each other on the color wheel.
13.Color scheme that uses tints and shades of one single color.
17.Color scheme with orange, purple, and green.
18.white, black, gray, brown, biege: These colors are known as _________________ (7).
19.A ____________ (4) is the style of the letter used in text.
20.______________(11)was the person that prepared the writing surface.
1.What is the time period is history often associated with illuminated letters? (2 words)
2._________(4)leaf was added to give the appearance of glowing.
3.Color scheme that contains orange, red, and yellow.
4.Color scheme with red, yellow, and blue.
5.Color scheme that uses color across from each other on the color wheel.
7.The ____________(11) created the illumination and decorations.
8.Who were the first people to use illuminated manuscripts?
9.A decorative strip around the edge of something.
11.Most illumination work was done in ______________ (11).
12.The _________(6)copied everything onto the paper.
14.______________(7) and England created some of the most famous illuminations.
15.__________(5)and church leaders were the ones who ordered the illuminations.
16.An illuminated letter was usually the first letter of a __________(4) or paragraph.

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