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The Music Man

Ms. Sinclair

This puzzle was created to demonstrate your knowledge of the musical, "The Music Man." You will need to know all of the information discussed throughout this unit in order to complete the puzzle. Make sure you spell everything correctly- spelling counts! Best of luck!

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2.The town trouble maker's name is ________ Djilas
5.Where does Hill ask Marian to meet her for their "date?"
8.What does the Wells Fargo Wagon bring to town?
11.Professor Hill tells everyone that he is from ________ Indiana
12.This story takes place in River City, __________
14.The "shapoopie" can be either a girl that's hard to get, or more simply, a _________
16.Marian's little brother; someone who looks up to Harold Hill
17.What country are the Paroo's from?
18.The name of the man that comes to town to try and exploit Harold Hill is Charlie _______
1.What's the "trouble" in River City?
3.Prof. Hill claims to have studied at the Gary Conservatory of _______
4.How many trombones led the big parade?
6.To "pick-a-little-talk-a-little" means to do what?
7.Marian is not only the town music teacher, but also a __________
9.The Mayor's last name:
10.What type of "knight" is Marian looking for?
11.Professor Harold Hill's REAL name (the shortened version)
13.In order to try and hide his identity, Marian rips a page from a ________ before giving it to the Mayor
15.What instrument does Winthrop play in the boys band?
18.What type of man is Harold Hill? A ______man

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