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Hamsters and Gerbils!!!!


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6.a disease common among rabbits; causes severe diarrhea and death among young rabbits
8.number of differing species of gerbils
10.skin disease caused by large numbers of demodectic mites
12.selecting animals to breed that have certain traits or qualities
15.how many days is the gestation period of a hamster
22.a deep sleep-like state triggered by excessively warm temperatures
23.gestation period of a gerbil; maximum days of gestation
24.the most common hamster disease, commonly called wet tail
26.Kingdom to which gerbils and hamsters belong
29.Order to which gerbils and hamsters belong
31.prefers being alone; by itself
32.excessive accumulation of fat in the body
33.material that should be avoided as bedding and nesting materials because they can be ingested by the animal and cause a blockage of the digestive system
34.color pattern where one color is streaked or intermingled with another color
1.Genus name of gerbils
2.Hamsters are very _____________ animals
3.antibiotics such as tetracycline, gentamicin, tylosin, and neomycin
4.Genus name of hamsters
5.term used to describe some animals that are primarily active during twilight, that is at dawn and at dusk
7.mites found on the skin of many animals that can cause demodicosis if present in large numbers
9.material that should be avoided as bedding and nesting materials because they can be ingested by the animal and cause a blockage of the digestive system
11.gerbils are born ____________
13.the body coloring of an animal that allows it to conceal itself in its environment
14.the protrusion of of the rectum from the anus
16.sleeping during the day and being active at night
17.pair bond may last throughout the life of the animals; only one mate at a time
18.a sudden change in an inherited trait
19.gerbils consume very little of this essential nutrient, but should be provided at all times
20.inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord
21.the behavior of an animal that is active in the daytime
25.gerbils are born ____________
27.the easiest way to pick up a gerbil is by the ________
28.hamster enteritis; symptoms include wetness around the tail and rear area of the animal caused by runny diarrhea
29.a condition in gerbils, caused by bacteria, that causes hairloss and red, swollen areas of the skin around the nose and muzzle
30.the most common hamster

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