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Ancient Egyptian Crossword Puzzle

Roei Burstein

1 2 3
  4                     5  
6             7           8  
12         13                
16       17          

4.A group of society compared to other groups in ranks. (2 words)
6.The main desert in the Ancient Kingdom of Israel. (2 words)
11.Sea the Nile River flows into. (2 words)
12.A pyramid that determines your social class rank. (2 words)
17.Society east of the Meditererrian Sea.
18.Sea east of the Nle River. (2 words)
19.The saltiest and second largest river in the Ancient Kingdom of Israel. (2 words)
20.The desert closest to the Ancient Kingdom of Kush. (2 words)
1.Longest river in the world. (2 words)
2.Continent ancient Israel was in.
3.The largest river in the Ancient Kingdom of Israel. (2 words)
5.Continent Nile River is in.
7.The way a society or civilization is built. (2 words)
8.A three dimentional triangular structure the Egyptians built.
9.Society of people that lived across the Nile.
10.The desert clostest to the Red sea. (2 words)
13.The desert on the western border line of Ancient Egypt. (2 words)
14.Ancient Egyptian king.
15.The liquid the Nile River provided them.
16.A set of spiritual belifes, values, and practices.

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