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Levels of Knowledge in Nursing Theory

Ruth DePalma

This puzzle is a learning tool to explain the basic concepts of the three levels of nursing theory.

1 2
3               4

3.Nursing theory level that is a bridge between the abstract and concrete.
5.Day to day experience of nurses is a major source for utilization of this level of theory
6.More abstract nursing theory. Addresses beliefs, understanding and purpose of nursing philosophies
7.Nursing theory level composed of concepts and relational statements
8.a global. general framework made up of assumptions about aspects of nursing believed to be essential in the development of nursing.
11.More readily operationalized nursing theory level.
12.Also called prescriptive theory, situatin-specific theory and micro level of theory theory.
1.Level of theory used interchangably with conceptual models.
2.person, nursing, health , environment associated with grand nursing theory.
3.Rapidly growing level of theory in nursing acting as foundation for theory-based nursing research and nursing practice strategies
4.A group of concepts interrelated via propositional statements which is based upon a group of underlying assumptions
8.More concrete nursing theory level. Addresses specific direction for nursing
9.Has three levels within the structure of the discipline of nursing
10.Guides the thinking about, being and doing of nursing

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