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Ch.5 Consciousness

No Spaces Between words

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5 6 7      
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2.a depressant, is the intoxicating ingredient in whiskey, beer, wine, and other fermented or distilled liquor
8.Mental events that are out of awareness but can be easily brought back
10.perception that have no external causes
11.Mental events that are actively kept out of consciousness
13.Awareness of the outside world and of ones own mental processes
14.are stimulants that initially produce "rushes" of euphoria often followed by sudden "crashes" and, sometimes, depression
16.focusing in order to clear one's mind
17.sleep associated with high level of brain activity and dreaming
19.A primary goal of meditation is
20.Trancelike state in which people can respond more easily to suggestion
1.Theorized that some mental processes occur without awareness
3.drugs that produce hallucinations
4.are chemicals that slow down behavior or cognitive processes
5.The study of sleep was aided by the development of the __ machine.
6.is an artificial hallucinogen, synthesized in the laboratory, that produces hallucinations and delusions similar to those that occur in a psychotic state
7.rhythm of activity and inactivity that lasts one day (2 Words)
9.totally removed from conscious awareness
12.Night terrors are most often found in
15.suddenly falling asleep
18.failure to get enough sleep

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