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Unit 4. Lesson 1.1


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  6   7 8     9
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1.The cost of illegal drugs, nicotine, and alcohol abuse costs the US ______ dollars a year.
5.No one is a stranger to the effects of _____.
7.Department of Public Safety
10._____ often take up the habits of their parents.
11.Many _____ never think about the costs of drug abuse until costs are felt in the form of losses.
12.If you _____ unit 4 and complete Chagnes II, you will get two certificates - one for drug education and another for Changes II.
13.Substance abuse increases the chances of _____.
15.Learning and emotional _____ are linked to pregnant mother's substance abuse.
17._____ is linked to 440,000 deaths per year in the US.
20.Unborn _____ are harmed if their mothers smoke, dring or use drugs.
21._____ are harmed with the violence and crime associated with substance abuse.
22.Those _____ from famlilie with substance abuse ar at risk of abuse, dangers, crime, disease, and failure to complete school.
23.This _____ is not a substitute for substance abuse treatment.
24.This _____ is one important step in regaining your drivers license from DPS.
25.Many of you will need _____ for substance abuse after you get out.
2.Every year illegal drug use and alcohol claims more than _____ lives per year.
3._____ states that a person convicted of a misdemeanor or felony drug offense will automatically have their drivers license suspended.
4.National Institute on Drug Abuse
6._____ often follow the example of the older substance abusing siblings.
8._____ or probation officials may require you to seek substance abuse treatment.
9.Assuming responsibility means taking whaterver steps you need to protect your _____.
14.One _____ for reinstating yourlicense is to complete 15 hours of drug education.
16.The _____ of drug abuse outweigh the benefits of drug abuse.
18.The substance abues of _____ creates a chaotic home where child abuse and neglect are common.
19._____ who are born into the conditions of substance abuse are robbed of love.

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