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Части Тела

Oleg Avramenko, Fedor Torchilo, Denis Torchilo

3       4    
5   6 7      
9   10    
    13     14   15
17     18      

По горизонтали
2.Your pectorals are your ____
3.Your forehead is located on your ____
7.You chew your food with ____
8.Translate: Beard
11.Your finger paint with ____
12.Translate: Lips
13.Translate: Back
16.Translate: Arms
17.What you hear with.
18.Translate: Mustache
По вертикали
1.Your food goes into your ____
2.Translate: Eyes
4.Translate: Hair
5.You put shoes on your ____
6.The part of your legs that bends.
9.Your hamstrings, quadriceps, and gastrocnemius are located on your ____
10.Translate: Shoulders
14.What you use to smell.
15.Where your throat is located.
16.You use this to talk and eat with.

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