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Canada Remembers Times


The answers to the puzzle can be found in the Canada Remembers Times newspaper. November 5 - 11, 2010. Read the paper and then answer the questions. Answers that are more than one word long are separated by a space.

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4.In the early 1990s Canadian peace-keeping troops were sent to _________________.
7.The red flower called the ______ is the symbol or remembrance.
11.What does POW stand for (three words).
13.Dr,. Frederick Banting was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of _______.
15.The Vanier Cup is associated with what sport?
16.Another word for "liberation" is to give ___________.
1.James Richardson went to look for his ________, but never returned.
2.King George V awarded Alexander Decoteau a ______ ________ _______ (three words) for winning the race.
3.Over ________ _________ (two words) Canadians died in liberating the Netherlands.
5.To celebrate and remember make up what word?
6.________ _________ (two words) was the first Canadian in space.
8.What is another word for U-boats?
9.The last known WW1 Canadian _________ died at the age of 109 in 2010.
10.The ___ _______(two words) bill commerates all veterans.
12.Newfoundland's 1st Regiment landed in _________ in September 1915.
14.Only ______ provinces don't observe Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday.

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