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Asia Vocabulary

Daniel (Dan) Otten

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3.A long time with lack of food.
8.Rebirth into ANOTHER body (not same body).
10.Banished person from home country, never to return.
11.To put money into a business.
12.Group of islands.
14.China’s policy of blending capitalism and some Western freedoms with Chinese communism (4 Words)
15.Crack in Earths crust.
16.Seasonal winds that blows for several months at a time. It usualy brings heavy rains.
18.Home- or village-based industry in which family members supply their own equipment to make goods. (2 Words)
20.Goods people buy to use for themselves, such as household products, clothing, and cars. (2 Words)
21.Enormus urban area made up of several citys.
22.Official who heads the government in a parliamentary democracy. (2 Words)
1.King or Queen Is offical head of state, but elected officials acutualy run the government (2 Words)
2.Economic system that operates on free competition, in which people start and own businesses with limited government intervention. (3 Words)
4.Line of rulers from same family (Kings, Queens, ect,ect.).
5.Rights all humans should have. (2 Words)
6.Great increse in food due to the use of inproved seeds, pesticides, ect, ect. (2 Words)
7.Social class based on a person’s ancestry.
9.Intense storm-Hurricane,Typhoon, and -------.
13.Country whose government allows little or no private ownership of property and has strong control over the economy and society as a whole. (2 Words)
17.Many storied (house stories, NOT books) Buddhist temple.
19.Huge wave from sea, caused by an earthquake on the sea floor.

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