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Famous Ancient Greeks and Romans

Mrs. Minnick

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3.called the Weeping Philosopher
6.Last great Roman Emperor
9.First historian and reporter
10.Questioned belief in the Greek gods
11.First Christian Roman Emperor
12.Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Epicurus were all Greek _____________
17.The first part of Homer's great epic poem that tells of the Trojan War
18.Father of Western Philosophy
19.Greek playwright who wrote Oedipus the King
20.Pathagoras invented the Pythagorean ________________
21.Student of Plato
1.Aristotle invented the _____________ line to help us write and understand stories
2.First great Roman Emperor
4.Greek mathematician called Father of Geometry
5.The second part of Homer's great epic that tells of the hero's journey home
7.Greek Emperor who ruled one of the largest empires in ancient world
8.Roman Poet who wrote the Aenied
12.First Greek mathematical thinker
13.Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Constantine and Justinian the Great wrere all ______________
14.Roman Poet who wrote Metamorphosis
15.Student of Socrates who founded the Academy of Athens
16.Blind Greek Poet

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