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American Terrorism

Andy Cho

Know about the American Terrorism.

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1.Group of terrorists led by Bin Laden.
3.Terrorists used this method to attack the World Trade Center.
6.People assuming that this group of people had sponsored the attack of World Trade Center.
9.Most terrorists use this method to make casualties which is to carry bomb and explode in urban area with himself.
14.Organization of America and European nations in agreement of supporting troops when any of the country in the organization has been attacked.
15.Created in 1908. It is the police department that charges very important cases.
17.Terrorists in 20th century who was found guilty of attempt to bomb the World Trade Center in 1993.
18.Location where the terrorists attack was made.
19.The month when the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists.
20.People whose religions are Islam. Most Likely to be involved in American terrorism.
2.Created in 2002, after the terrorists attack in 2001. It strict the international movement within people to protect the US from being attacked by terrorists.
4.President George W. Bush commanded US army to attack this country after 2001 terrorism in America.
5.Leader of the most famous terrorist group.
7.President George W. Bush placed this people in every airports in United States to monitor suspicious people who might be terrorist.
8.Group of people who wears white hoods hiding their faces, threats or kill Southern Blacks.
10.Act of certain group or individual that demands radical change by using violence.
11.Most important factor that motivate terrorists to perform an act of terrorism.
12.US executive is predicting that Osama Bin Laden is hiding in this country.
13.Headquarters of the United States Department of Defense. It is located in Arlington, Virginia. This structure was attacked by terrorists in 2001.
16.A propaganda to announce people that certain person is needed to arrest for criminal acts.

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