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Chicago Crossword Puzzle

1 2
  5 6 7                
        9       10
11                         12  

3.What type of theatre/stage are the numbers performed on?
6.Who introduces the majority of the songs?
8.Momma is a______ type of character?
9.Who claimed to have killed Fred?
11.What song does Velma sing right after she kills her husband and sister?
14.In what song do we get to learn about all of the murderesses and their stories?
15.Someone who is very wealthy and will inherit a lot of money is called?
16.Which character is a reflection on the playwright?
18.When we see Velma wash her hands of blood and Roxy with Fred this is what part of the plot line?
19.Why did Velma kill her husband and sister?
20.The white cloth that the Russian murder uses in an example of?
1.What song does Amos sing to show that he feels invisible?
2.What is the genre of theatre we see in this movie?
4.What does Roxy claim that gets the attention put back on her?
5.The reports are controlled by wires that come from what part of the stage?
7.The emotional response created between the audience and the actors is called?
10.What does Roxy want to be more than anything?
12.Why does Roxy give a comedy routine?
13.The point where we wait for the jury's answer to the court case is what part of the plot structure?
17.The song Razzle Dazzle tells us the court system is like a?

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