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In and About Chuck Levin's

Sean Robinson

The biggest musical instrument store in the world, Chuck Levins Washington Music Center (located in Wheaton, Maryland) has a legendary history in the music industry. Below are just some of the things you learn about, and will find, while shopping at Chuck Levin's.

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55                             56           57

4.guitar maker
6.Sax namesake
8.synth godfather
10.youngest sibling
11.common for brass players and guitarist
12.drummer wear
17.also a pick
19.needs for beginning musicians
21.better here than anywhere
23.dj needs
24.ten regular thirteen heavy
28.an upset tone
29.sister violin
32.holding notes
34.a Hohner military tribute
36.ernie's trademark
37.a cute sibling - choose wisely
41.musicians best friend
42.where, now
43.for a bow, not for alan
44.shure nemesis
45.jazz cheat sheet
47.dragons, birds and moons
48.upsets customers weekly
49.HI musical contribution
51.sticks or active
55.LP batteria
56.shure power
58.leo's namesake
1.bar helper
2.horns and fugues
3.un-American horn
5.where, way back when
7.at times, hard to find
8.electronic language
9.bamboo for woodwinds
13.throws off the oldest
14.music player and instrument
15.the signature custom
16.the love of the visionary
17.common for drummers and guitarist
18.Leon's electronic music contribution
20.produces others music
25.Paul Schein's biggest fear
26.an easy read for guitarists
27.deathbed for said music player
30.a baby, for one
31.deep bass
33.virtual studios
38.annual trek for WMC personell
39.starting point for american idols
40.the enemy AKA
46.piano AKA
50.bailey or wooten
52.the visionary
53.the oldest
54.mel or debbie
57.death, heavy, doom

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