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Magnetism and Energy

All the answers to this crossword are keywords from this topic. Use them to help you with your revision.

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1.Iron, Cobalt, ____________ and alloys containing these metals are magnetic.
5.Electromagnets are used in these.
7.An energy source that doesn't run out is called what?
10.The area around a magnet where it's force is exerted. (2 Words)
13.A core of this metal can be added to an electromagnet to make it stronger.
14.What type of magnet can be used to magnetise a nail?
15.Materials that are attracted to a magnet are said to be _____________
17.What types of energy are fast running out? (2 Words)
18.The ends of magnets are called this
19.How many main steps are there in a power station?
2.Passing what through a wire makes a magnetic field around the wire?
3.An atmospheric pollutant caused by burning fossil fuels. (2 Words)
4.This is what happens when you put two opposite poles on magnets together
6.Where is the energy we use in our homes produced? (2 Words)
8.Electromagnets are used in these. (2 Words)
9.A water pollutant that is a problem associated with fossil fuels.
11.In a magnetised material what are all lined up in the same direction?
12.This is what happens when you put two same poles on magnets together
16.Increasing the number of these can make an electromagnet stronger.

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