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Day of the Dead

By Mrs. Pitcher

Read each description carefully and think of the vocabulary words it is talking about. Write on each square, one letter of the word that describes it. Do not leave squares empty.

5         6            
8 9            

2.It is a type of offering that people put up in their houses or on the person's grave to remember them or honor them on Day of the Dead.
5.It is the celebration where people from Mexico honor the people that have passed away of died. (4 Words)
7.One of the elements that goes in the altar is their favorite thing to eat.
9.We place this illustration of how the soul used to look like when it was alive, so we know who is the altar for.
10.You place this thin stick on the altar to clean bad spirits off the altar and to guide the soul to it.
1.We place these yellow plants or also known to have 20 petals or more, so the scent can guide the soul to the altar and make it feel happy.
3.We place personal things the person wore when they were alive.
4.We place this on the altar, so the light they produce helps to guide them to the altar when they come to visit.
6.Day of the Dead has been a __________________ for many years in Mexico to honor the people that have passed away or died.
8.On Day of the Dead we _____________ someone that has passed away or died by building an altar.

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