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Thermal Energy

Ms. Fulcher

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4.The heat from an iron is transferred to a shirt. This is an example of __________.
9.Energy from the sun.
10.The faster particles in an object move, the _____ kinetic energy they have.
11.The amount of energy required to raise 1kg of a material 1 degree Celsius.
13.Can only occur in liquids and gases.
15.The thermal energy that flows from something at a higher temperature to something at a lower temperature.
17.A device that removes thermal energy from one location and transfers it to another location at a different temperature.
18.In convection, heat is transferred through ________.
19._____ Colored materials absorb more radiant energy than light colored materials.
20.Gases such as this make a better insulator than liquids or solids.
21.When heat flows into an object and its temperature rises, the change in temperature is ____________.
23.If an object's thermal energy increases, then its kinetic energy _________.
25.In active solar heating these devices are used.
26.Heat is measured in this unit.
27.How energy from the sun travels to earth.
28.When heat flows out of an object and its temperature falls, the change in temperature is __________.
30.This material is a good conductor of heat.
31.The transfer of energy that does not require matter.
1.Convection CANNOT occur in this state of matter.
2.Gasoline engines and diesel engines are this type of engine.
3.If particles begin to move more _______ the object's temperature falls.
5.The device used to measure specific heat.
6.In this type of solar heating no mechanical device is used to move heat from one area to another.
7.Any material that allows heat to pass through it easily.
8.A device that converts thermal energy into mechanical energy.
12.The piece of lab equipment used to measure heat.
14.The total energy of the molecules in an object.
16.One example of a heat mover.
22.A material that does not let heat flow through easily.
24.Particles that make up matter are in constant ______.
29.What does the letter m represent in the specific heat equation?

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