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Delaney and Kelsey

A crossword to be completed after some knowledge of economics has been learned

1 2
3         4 5            
  7               8          
      13   14

3.The maximum amount of resource that a person is allowed to use or consume in a given period of time
5.Is a coupon to be used to purchase a specific good or service
7."No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation"
9.A fee for the use of a common facility, such as a bridge or highway
11.The precentage of the population that has a family income below a government defined threshold or poverty line.
12.Providing the education itself
15.The power to force the transfer of property from a private owner to the government for a public purpose
16.When two speratly owned firms combine into one firm
17.Occurs when competetor agree on a price for a good or service
18.Occurs when competitors agree to divide a market amongst themselves
19.Occurs when regulatory agencies are dominated ot captured by the industries they regulate
20.A resource that everyone has acess to and that can be easily overused or destroyed; examples include the atmosphere and the oceans
1.The supplying of a good or service by the government; examples include the services provided by publicly supported schools and universities
2.Is the process of removing government restrictions on a firm's economic activity
4.To convert a publicly owned resource or institution to private ownership
6.A direct payment of cash by the government to an individual
8.A policy that limits the amount of pollution a firm may legally emit each year but allows firms to trade with each other to obtain additional pollution permits
10.A unit of government that makes and enforces standards for an industry or an area of economic activity
13.a tax on producers that is designed to reduce negative externalities such as pollution
14.Occurs whe competitors agree in advanced who will submit the winning bid

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