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wheels and tyres basic

Tim Branigan

Level 1 wheels and tyres crossword puzzle.

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5.The tyre is the Primary___________ unit on a car
7.What happens if the tyre pressures are not correct
10.Another name for a rubber tye
12.When the mass(weight) is evenly distributed around a wheel and tyre.
13.The common type of tyre fitted to a modern car
16.A type of wheel that keeps the tyre on even when a puncture occurrs
17.A type of wheel used on older sports cars
1.1.6mm is the ____________ tread depth on a car tyre.
2.The measurement of how tight a wheel nut is
3.A lack of Dynamic balance causes this to happen to the car
4.The part of the tyre that touches the road.
6.Tyres must cope with acceleration and________ forces.
8.The shape on one end of a wheel nut
9.A tyre made from ply'slaid out in straight lines
11.Tread depth_________________
12.The name of the air valve in on a wheel and tyre
14.The steel reinforced section of a tyre
15.what the balance weights are made from

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