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Lukas Rešniakas

1 2
3         4             5
6             7
8                 9         10
    11           12  
14       15          

3.where someone rides a board on ground and preform tricks with it.
6.someone who competes in athletic sports. He is ussualy well built and strong
8.where two teams try to throw the ball into their opponents' goal
9.where you have to hit a ball with a racket
11.where you must throw your opponent down to win
14.where someone tries to accend on a steep object, like mountains or big rocks
17.where you have to move fast on ground to win
18.where two guys go in a ring and fight with gloves till someone gets a knockout
19.something you play tennis with
20.where ach team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other teams side
1.where two players play the game on a table that is seperated by a net. They use racket.s
2.where you fight your oponent in hand to hand combat
4.you throw a ball in a basket to score points
5.where you need to hit a ball so it falls into a hole
7.where you need to move fast in water to win
10.where a person rides a board on the surface of water
12.where athletes race against each other on rivers
13.someone who plays the game/sport
15.where you hit a ball with a bat
16.where you kick a ball into gates to score points

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